Rewarding the meaningful

of customers want you to help them make a difference

Koin Rewards gives you the capability to reward your customers for shopping ethically and sustainably

What Koin offers businesses
  • A coalition of like-minded merchants rewarding customer engagement and behaviour
  • Loyalty proposition built around members
  • Create customised offers relevant to your own business
  • Targeted and personalised member marketing campaigns
  • Quick and easy merchant activation, requires no coding
  • Available to Visa & Mastercard accepting merchants worldwide
  • Integrated and available to 800,000 Shopify merchants worldwide; more platforms coming soon
  • Rewards ledger built on blockchain for digital-token capability

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Meet the team

Curt Hopkins
Chief executive officer
James Brown
Chief operating officer
Chris Steel
Head of technology
Tony Piedade
Chief commercial officer
Jerome Rousselot
Head of blockchain
Laura Wynch
Co-founder & Head of retail
Non-executive team
Grant Calton
Co-founder & chairman
Fergal O'Mullane
Co-founder & non-executive director
Victoria Waugh
Sustainability advisor
Susan Binda
Loyalty advisor
Luke Matthews
Sustainable Marketing Advisor

A few of the fantastic merchants on board with Koin

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Koin Rewards
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