Rewarding the meaningful

Koin Rewards exists to encourage more meaningful behaviours.

We believe greater recognition should be given to the people that drive positive change for the good of humanity, nature and the environment.

That’s why we provide an ecosystem that matches our members with merchants and brands that share the same values, and puts them in control of the rewards they earn through the Koin digital currency.

Our Mission

At Koin Rewards, we are committed to being a force for good, being a purpose-driven company. Our commitment is not only to a more sustainable planet but also a better planet for everyone. To do this, all that we do will be in support of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal number 12, Responsible Consumption & Production.

Small changes, big difference

For the human race to ensure that our impact on the planet is positive, it will take more than big changes - such as switching from fossil fuels to renewable sources for energy production - to make a lasting impact. We need to make lots of small changes in our day-to-day lives, from switching to bamboo toothbrushes to using reusable drinks bottles, ultimately changing our behaviour so that making decisions for good becomes a habit, not a fad. For this we are adopting the principles of ‘Kaizen’, taking small steps to encourage lasting change for the better.

Renewable Energy
Reducing Inequalities
Protect Wildlife
Living Wage
Ocean Conservation
Zero Single-use Plastic

Our Impact

Even as a technology company, we have just as much responsibility to do good as retailers and manufacturers. This is why we made the decision to become a B Corp and is why we will be publishing an impact dashboard not just for the Koin Rewards community, but also for Koin Rewards the company. We are committed to being a carbon neutral company and whilst we are monitoring and limiting our carbon emissions, we will also be measuring our contributions to and impact on issues close to our hearts.

Meet the team

Curt Hopkins
Chief executive officer
James Brown
Chief operating officer
Chris Steel
Head of technology
Tony Piedade
Chief commercial officer
Laura Wynch
Co-founder & Head of retail
Non-executive team
Grant Calton
Co-founder & chairman
Fergal O'Mullane
Co-founder & non-executive director
Victoria Waugh
Sustainability advisor
Susan Binda
Loyalty advisor
Luke Matthews
Sustainable Marketing Advisor
John Featherby
B Corp Certification Advisor

Our Investors

We’re delighted and honoured to be backed by a collection of like-minded investors, including:

Want to invest? We are currently fundraising.

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