Rewarding the meaningful

Small changes, big difference

Koin Rewards exists to encourage more meaningful behaviours. We believe greater recognition should be given to the people that drive positive change for the good of humanity, nature and the environment. That’s why we provide an ecosystem that not only matches our members with merchants that share the same values, but also puts them in control of the rewards they earn through the Koin digital currency.

How it works


In store, online, collect Koin on every purchase from sustainable fashion to healthy food.


Simply connect your payment card to your Koin account and leave the rest to us. Super easy.


The latest bank-grade security and cryptography keeps your data safe.


With Koin Rewards you always know what your Koin is worth and as the community grow you can influence the value of Koin, no-one else!


It’s ultra simple to spend your Koin. Generate a voucher in your app and hey presto, you’ve got yourself a coffee or a new top!

Gift by Daniel Falk


Help projects all over the world deliver the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals
molecule structure by Vectors Market


Use Koin to offset your personal carbon footprint and help reduce carbon emissions
invest by Pavitra


Influence change through impact investing, using Koin to build your own portfolio
Refresh by Tomasz Pasternak


Turn your Koin into cash to spend how you want, including gifting to friends and family

A few of the fantastic merchants on board with Koin

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